Meeting documents

Teesside Pension Board
Monday 11th July, 2016 2.00 pm

Business Items
16/1Rotation of Chair and Election of Deputy Chair from Employer Representatives
 Report (34K/bytes) 
16/2Minutes - Teesside Pension Board - 26 April 2016
 Copy of Minutes (82K/bytes) 
16/3Minutes - Teesside Pension Fund and Investments Panel - 9 February 2016 and 9 March 2016
 Copy of Minutes - 9 February 2016 (60K/bytes) 
 Copy of Minutes - 9 March 2016 (98K/bytes) 
16/4Local Investment Protocol
 Report (32K/bytes) 
16/5The Pension Regulator Overview
 Report (49K/bytes) 
16/6Draft Accounts
 Report (27K/bytes) 
 Appendix A1 (56K/bytes) 
 Appendix A2 (9K/bytes) 
 Appendix A3 (118K/bytes) 
16/7Internal Audit Report - Pension Fund Investments
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 Appendix A (70K/bytes)