Meeting documents

Teesside Pension Board
Monday 6th November, 2017 2.00 pm

Business Items
17/14Minutes - Teesside Pension Board - 24 July 2017
 Copy of Minutes (102K/bytes) 
17/15Minutes - Teesside Pension Fund and Investment Panel - 28 June 2017
 Copy of Minutes (117K/bytes) 
17/16Annual Report and Accounts 2016/2017
 Report (68K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (2M/bytes) 
 Appendix B (15K/bytes) 
17/17Teesside Pension Fund Audit results report - Year ended 31 March 2017
 Report (3M/bytes) 
17/18Governance Review - Update
 Report (36K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (66K/bytes) 
 Appendix B (40K/bytes) 
 Appendix C (713K/bytes) 
 Appendix D (54K/bytes) 
17/19Pension Customer Service Strategy
 Report (30K/bytes) 
17/20Funding Update Report - 2017
 Report (31K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (208K/bytes) 
17/21Teesside Pension Board Insurance
 Report (25K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (547K/bytes)