Meeting documents

Teesside Pension Board
Monday 23rd July, 2018 2.00 pm

Business Items
18/1Minutes of the previous meeting of the Teesside Pension Board held on 23 April 2018
 Copy of Minutes (74K/bytes) 
18/10Investment Performance 2017
 Report (176K/bytes) 
18/11Internal Audit Reports (Investment and Pension Administration)
 Report (26K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (67K/bytes) 
 Appendix B (63K/bytes) 
18/2Minutes of the meeting of the Teesside Pension Fund Committee held on 7 March 2018
 Copy of Minutes (109K/bytes) 
18/3New Pensions Governance and Investments Structure
 Report (25K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (168K/bytes) 
18/4Teesside Pension Board Annual Report 2017/18
 Report (52K/bytes) 
18/5Draft Annual Report 2017/18
 Report (67K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (2M/bytes) 
18/6Pension Administration Report 2017/18
 Report (29K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (2M/bytes) 
18/7Interim Fund Valuation Report
 Report (28K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (249K/bytes) 
18/8The Pension Regulator Code 14 Assessment
 Presentation (7M/bytes) 
 Report (615K/bytes) 
18/9Risk Register
 Report (24K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (297K/bytes) 
 Appendix B (288K/bytes)