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Teesside Pension Board
Monday 5th November, 2018 2.00 pm

Business Items
18/18Minutes - Teesside Pension Board - 23 July 2018
 Copy of Minutes (109K/bytes) 
18/19Minutes - Teesside Pension Fund Committee
a) 27 June 2018
b) 26 July 2018
 Copy of Minutes (101K/bytes) 
 Copy of Minutes (72K/bytes) 
18/20Pension Administration Report - Update
 Report (30K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (322K/bytes) 
18/21Pensions Governance and Investments - New Structure Recruitment
 Report (27K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (170K/bytes) 
18/22GAD Section 13 Report - Executive Summary
 Report (52K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (429K/bytes) 
 Appendix B (2M/bytes) 
 Appendix C (3M/bytes) 
18/23Business Plan 2018/21 - Progress Report
 Report (29K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (481K/bytes) 
 Appendix B (609K/bytes) 
 Appendix C (373K/bytes) 
 Appendix D (491K/bytes) 
 Appendix E (2M/bytes) 
18/24Training Policy and Plan - Update
 Report (20K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (78K/bytes)