Meeting documents

Teesside Pension Board
Monday 22nd July, 2019 2.00 pm

Business Items
19/1Minutes - Teesside Pension Board - 15 April 2019
 Copy of Minutes (83K/bytes) 
19/2Minutes - Teesside Pension Fund Committee - 13 March 2019
 Copy of Minutes (103K/bytes) 
19/3Teesside Pension Board - Annual Report 2018/2019
 Report (682K/bytes) 
19/4Draft Annual Pension Fund Report 2018/19
 Report (450K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (5M/bytes) 
19/5Consultation on Changes to Valuation Cycle, Exit Payments and Access to the LGPS for some Employers
 Report (436K/bytes) 
 Appendix A (2M/bytes) 
 Appendix B (2M/bytes) 
19/6Teesside Pension Board - Administration Report
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 Appendix A (2M/bytes) 
 Appendix B (385K/bytes) 
19/7Any other urgent items which in the opinion of the Chair, may be considered
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