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Officer Delegated Decisions
Tuesday 7th January, 2020

State the Delegated Authority that you are relying on in order to make the decisiongeneral
Subject of decisionReduction of Direct Award Financial Threshold.
Text of decisionDecrease the Council’s Financial Threshold for direct award from £15,999 to £10,000 with effect from 6th January 2020, which aligns with the new OJEU Financial Thresholds becoming effective from 1st January 2020.
Reason for decisionTo assist the Council in directing more contract opportunities to the local market via quotation processes and to further ensure value for money in procurement. Leadership Management Team (LMT) supported the decision following a presentation on effective procurement practice on 20th June 2019.
Other options considered (if any)Not applicable.
Has an Impact Assessment been carried out - if so please attach a copy to the decision using the upload attachment screen which followsNo
Declarations of Interest by any member or relevant local government bodyNot applicable.
Who have you consulted as part of the decision making processNot applicable.
Date of decision6 January 2020
Service areaFinance, Governance & Support
Name of Delegated Officer making the decision - iJames Bromiley
Name of the Officer making the decision - If power has been sub-delegated to another officerClaire Walker
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Creation date:-7 January 2020 14:28:22 by
Background paper/Impact Assessment Reduction of Direct Award Financial Threshold. (14K/bytes)