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Officer Delegated Decisions
Tuesday 22nd September, 2020

State the Delegated Authority that you are relying on in order to make the decision12/9/20 Mayor produced a report to Council. This report updated the scheme of delegation - part 11 states:
Decision Making by Chief Executive
"The Chief Executive of the Council, or any officer nominated by the Chief Executive as his Deputy in this regard, will have delegated authority to make Executive decisions of a policy, financial and operational nature in response to the Covid-19 emergency".
Subject of decisionSmall grant scheme to support Middlesbrough based small (micro) businesses/taxi drivers/self employed to continue to introduce relevant measures to provide services to the public that maintain infection control and ensure the business remains 'covid secure'.
Text of decisionThe Mayor has outlined his intention to provide funding of circa £150k to support this scheme. Funds will be provided for from the Test and Trace funds to support the purchase of PPE/Covid Secure equipment as outlined in the business case and will extend to the following:
• Self Employed Taxis Drivers licensed within Middlesbrough
o The funding is intended to cover the cost of the partitioning between the driver and the passengers for hackney carriages and private hire vehicles. The vehicles must be licensed with Middlesbrough Council.
o In addition funding will also be provided for the purchasing of face masks for intended use by the licensed driver.
Both items being considered necessary to ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers.
Funding for the partitioning will be payable directly to the firm(s) undertaking the work.
In addition, funding will also be extended to small business such as sole traders, self-employed businesses etc:-
Who have up to and including 9 employees
Who do not have a head office.
Funds are intended for the purchasing of PPE/Covid Secure materials/items.

Claimants will be reimbursed for up to a maximum spend of £100.00.

Applications will be via an online claim form and will require the applicant to provide receipts to support the claim. Only one claim per business will be provided for.
Reason for decisionThe action will enable businesses to continue to introduce and maintain measures to stay 'covid secure' therefore reducing the risk of a local lockdown, minimising spread of infection and allowing business/economic continuity.
Other options considered (if any)N/A
Has an Impact Assessment been carried out - if so please attach a copy to the decision using the upload attachment screen which followsNo
Declarations of Interest by any member or relevant local government bodyN/A
Who have you consulted as part of the decision making processN/A
Date of decision17 September 2020
Service areaFinance, Governance & Support
Name of Delegated Officer making the decision - iTony Parkinson - Chief Executive
Name of the Officer making the decision - If power has been sub-delegated to another officerN/A
Issue date:-22 September 2020 by Bernie Carr
Creation date:-22 September 2020 10:56:21 by Bernie Carr
Background paper/Impact Assessment Copy of Decision Form (460K/bytes)