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Officer Delegated Decisions
Thursday 24th September, 2020

State the Delegated Authority that you are relying on in order to make the decisionDelegation from the Mayor to the Chief Executive in his Executive Scheme of Delegation as follows:
I authorise the Chief Executive of the Council, or any officer nominated by the Chief Executive as his Deputy in this regard, to make Executive decisions of a policy, financial and operational nature in response to the Covid-19 emergency
Subject of decisionExpenditure of test and trace grant to sustain capacity of key VCS partners.
Text of decision1. £100k is to be allocated from the test and trace grant for community capacity building, in particular with regard to communication of key COVID-19 messages and disseminated through the local authority small grants fund;
2. £250k of the test and trace grant is allocated to support Voluntary and Community Sector capacity to respond to outbreak management, prevention and recovery.
Reason for decisionDecision making on expenditure of the test and trace grant, issued by the government under s.31 Local Government and Finance Act, is an Executive decision. The grant’s stated purpose is to provide support to local authorities in England towards expenditure lawfully incurred or to be incurred in relation to the mitigation and management of local outbreaks.
This is a key decision as it impacts two or more wards of the town and involves expenditure of more than £150,000
Benefits include;
Supporting the financial health and sustainability of the voluntary and community sector as a crucial partner in the town’s recovery and outbreak prevention and management.
Building capacity for the delivery of COVID-19 communication and action at a very local community level
Ensuing those organisations who are trusted sources of community support are enabled to support and communicate key COVID-19 messaging in a timely and accessible manner both for prevention and outbreak management.
Targeting those organisations that have direct reach into those groups disproportionality impacted by COVID-19 related harm
Developing a broad network through which communication and support for any changes to COVID-19 messaging can be quickly managed e.g. in the event of local lockdown measures
Sharing learning, best practice and provision of inter-organisational support through a network of community COVID-19 champions aligned to the grants.
Other options considered (if any)Other potential options would have been to;
Undertake a full procurement process to identify a provider; however the intention is to allocate funds across multiple groups at grass roots level through an accessible route for smaller providers.
Securing multiple providers enables the grants to reach a wider range of providers across different communities.
Delivering this internally was discounted due to the intention to build external capacity across local community groups to support the COVID response and outbreak prevention and management.
Has an Impact Assessment been carried out - if so please attach a copy to the decision using the upload attachment screen which followsYes
Declarations of Interest by any member or relevant local government bodyNone
Who have you consulted as part of the decision making processThe Mayor has been consulted along with members of the local authority’s strategic co-ordination group.
Date of decision17 September 2020
Service areaPublic Health & Public Protection
Name of Delegated Officer making the decision - iTony Parkinson - Chief Executive
Name of the Officer making the decision - If power has been sub-delegated to another officerN/A
Issue date:-24 September 2020 by Bernie Carr
Creation date:-22 September 2020 14:54:16 by Bernie Carr
Background paper/Impact Assessments Copy of Delegated Decision Form (336K/bytes)
Copy of Equality Impact Assessment (93K/bytes)