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Thursday 1st October, 2020

State the Delegated Authority that you are relying on in order to make the decisionGeneral (Decision is not key because it is an exempt decision regarding care packages, service responses and expenditure for care and accommodation which relate to individual service users)
Subject of decisionIncrease in block contract with Cambian to increase from 7 to 9 beds for the remaining term of the contract.
Text of decisionThe block contract with Cambian has worked well over the years and are now looking to open a new 2 bedded home in Stockton and following discussions with them we have negotiated to increase the current block contract in order to include these 2 new beds. This has resulted in a new negotiated bed rate but is still below the spot purchase rates that we are currently facing when trying to secure new residential placements. The 2 beds will be more beneficial for young people placed as they will remain closer to Middlesbrough, but will also allow for better matching allow for improved stability of placements. Placing within the Tees Valley will also allow contact with family and the ability to continue to support local education where appropriate.
Reason for decisionMiddlesbrough Council continues to commission a number of out of area high cost residential beds due to lack of local availability, these beds are often significant in cost but also means that the young person is far from their family, friends, education and health support if required. The ability to place within the Tees Valley will allow greater support for the young person as well as being considerably cheaper. Cambian are also fully supportive of working in partnership with the Future for Families service in order to further enhance our ability to improve the life chances of our children and young people and support them to find their forever placement.
Other options considered (if any)There has been other providers considered to offer block beds but following meetings with the HOS for the service and the provider it was felt that they lacked the necessary skills required by the Council. The new home with Cambian has the ability to be brought into our current block contract and the HOS for the service area following meeting and visiting the new home are very supportive of increasing the current contract.
Has an Impact Assessment been carried out - if so please attach a copy to the decision using the upload attachment screen which followsYes
Declarations of Interest by any member or relevant local government bodyNone
Who have you consulted as part of the decision making processDirector of Children’s Services, Director of Children’s Care, Head of Operations Families for Futures
Date of decision25 September 2020
Service areaChildren's Services
Name of Delegated Officer making the decision - iDirector of Children’s Services
Name of the Officer making the decision - If power has been sub-delegated to another officern/a
Issue date:-1 October 2020 by Bernie Carr
Creation date:-1 October 2020 09:25:08 by Karen Sproston
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