Agenda and minutes

Live Well South Tees Board - Thursday 30th September, 2021 3.00 pm

Venue: Redcar & Cleveland Heart, Council Chamber

Contact: Joanne McNally 

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Welcome and introductions

Cllr Mary Lanigan / Mayor Andy Preston


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Live Well South Tees Board.


Declarations of Interest

Cllr Mary Lanigan / Cllr Dorothy Davison


There were no declarations of interest received at this point in the meeting.


Minutes- Live Well South Tees Board - 8 July 2021 pdf icon PDF 97 KB

Cllr Mary Lanigan / Mayor Andy Preston



The minutes of the Live Well South Tees Board meeting held on 8 July 2021 were submitted and approved as a correct record.



Healthwatch Update – Achievements, Challenges, Priorities

Lisa Bosomworth




The Project Lead for Healthwatch South Tees presented a report updating the Live Well South Tees Board with the work that had been undertaken by Healthwatch South Tees throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


As part of the ensuing discussions, the following comments were made:


  • Evidence suggests that some children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing has been substantially impacted due to and during the pandemic.
  • Members discussed the ongoing difficulties on getting face to face appointments with GP’s especially in East Cleveland and given the health situation in this area this is something that needs to be kept a very close eye on, it desperately need an improvement.
  • Each GP runs separately, it’s been difficult to speak with GP’s as a whole and each one is run differently, however, GP’s should be offering face to face appointments. There is a meeting taking place next week with the PCN’s to discuss this issue. Healthwatch are trying to be creative on how to combat the situation.
  • GP’s are not promoting about the out of hours service which is provided. They should be proactive in advising this.
  • Digital exclusion is still happening in all areas. Community champions are being utilised to reach out to charities etc, Age UK have a project called Digital Explorer who do home visits to help those struggling to get GP appointments by teaching them to use devices. 
  • Difficulties in contacting GP’s for appointments which is leading to a high contact rate to Healthwatch for a range of services.
  • End of life patients are not being seen to and pressure is being put on district nurses to be the eyes of the doctors. Vulnerable people are being affected, it’s not appropriate to have video calls with these patients. This needs to be embodied in a resolution.
  • Getting GP’s to attend care homes during the day is becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Cleveland Police have an engagement team which would benefit from the community champions.
  • There needs to be more of an understanding of some of the facts, what are the commissioning pathways? What are the expectation on who provides what support and where isn’t that happening, and where it isn’t happening, getting the CCG or community foundation trust to see where the failings are.




AGREED: that L Westbury, L Bosomworth and C Blair meet to discuss DNR and End of Life and report back at the next meeting.



You've Got This Programme Update

Mark Fishpool




The Director of the You’ve Got This project was present at the meeting to inform Members of the work undertaken by the programme designed to change societal attitudes toward physical fitness.


As part of the ensuing discussions, the following comments were made:-


  • One of 12 pilot projects funded by Sport England and is active across the country, The programme was designed to take a system level approach to build a community and a culture in which physical activity was valued. An active population is central to our climate ambitions. It’s also a key part of our economic ambitions.
  • There are leaders at all levels of the system who have a role to play in influencing change.
  • Partners are working together to design and deliver the programme, whilst minimising any competition.
  • The funding doesn’t come in a single sum so currently preparing for the next stage of the program, a series of work is being looked at, working with health professionals to build this physical activity into social prescribing






Health Inequalities Impact Assessment

Mark Adams




The Joint Director of Public Health for Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland was present at the meeting to provide and update on Health Inequalities, Assessing Impact to Inform Action


As part of the ensuing discussions, the following comments were made:-


  • The population intervention triangle is where services are looked at along with communities and policy. The intervention of the policy element is to ensure that all policies in partner organisation in health and wellbeing boards consider policies more systematically to understand the impact on health and equalities and do something about that. Recommendation to adopt the health and equalities impact assessment and public health south tees will support partners with this.
  • Routes to work scheme will no longer be running within the next few months, this has worked for a cohort of people that need additional support. If this is believed to be a valuable service a collective conversation needs to happen. The best way to get young people into work is ensuring their parents are working.
  • Core of people that are not able to work, however, there are loads of opportunities available for unskilled workers but there is no transport to these businesses. Need to find a way of getting buses or flexi buses to be paid for to get people to work. Transport is critical for mental and public health.
  • Health impact assessment is a really good opportunity for the board to do something tangible and meaningful. What is being suggested is a set of considerations which us as organisations systematically go through whenever we make decisions.  




Health and Wellbeing Executive Chair’s report pdf icon PDF 222 KB

a)  Assurance Report



 Dr Ali Tahmassebi, Chair of Health and Wellbeing Executive







The Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Executive presented a report and provided assurance that the Health and Wellbeing Executive was fulfilling its statutory obligations. An update was provided on progress with the delivery of the Board’s vision and priorities: - NOTED.




The Chair advised that the next meeting would take place on Thursday 9 December 2021 at 3pm at Redcar & Cleveland Leisure and Community Heart.