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Standards Committee

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Terms of Reference - Standards Committee

Restrictions: Cannot include the Elected Mayor or Executive Leader and may not be chaired by an Executive Member

1. To make reports or recommendations to the Council in relation to:-

· the approval by the Council of local codes of conduct for Members and officers, codes of practice, standing orders and protocols, taking account of national models and guidance or case tribunals.

· the implementation of local codes of conduct etc, and the dissemination throughout the Authority of information and guidance on their operation.

· consideration of any reports relating to the conduct of Members or officers which may be referred to it by the Council's Chair, Monitoring Officer or by the Director of Resources under section 114 of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 in consultation with the Monitoring Officer, including issues relating to Members' and officers' interests and the maintenance and management of any relevant registers of interests.

· consideration of relevant reports referred by the Monitoring Officer and Section 151 Officer and make recommendations thereon to the Council as necessary.

2. The determination, following an investigation, of allegations of breaches of Members' Codes of Conduct within such statutory provisions or guidance as may exist.

3. To maintain an overview of the whistle-blowing policy, complaints handling and Ombudsman Investigations.

4. Discharge of all of the above functions required by the Localism Act 2011 in relation to Parish Councils.

  9 elected members and, if required, two parish councillors


Seats: 9

Quorum: 3

Formed: 4 Jul 2012