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The LGB&T Community and Elderly Care- update

The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration will be in attendance to provide an update on the recommendations of the Panel’s final review on the LGB&T Community and Elderly Care which was completed in 2018.


Please note that the update from the service area on the recommendations will be provided prior to or at the meeting.


The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration was in attendance to provide an update on the recommendations from a 2019 review on LGBT&Q Community and Elderly Care. The review came about following an observation that there was little conversation in the care homes and LGBT and there was some work completed by the Mayor to identify whether residents felt comfortable identifying themselves as LGBT.  The Director did however stress that the actions set out within the recommendations needed to be continued, and to a degree the service has been able to do this.


In terms of the recommendations the progress to date was as follows:





Update – January 2021

That activities which raise awareness

and celebrate LGB&T be undertaken in

care settings to encourage participation in open discussion.

Care homes as

independent businesses

have final control over this

but encouragement has

been provided through the

Care Home Forum. Action


That training and development sessions be undertaken with care providers.

Training should focus upon general

awareness raising of LGB&T matters,

as well as more specific training around

the promotion of engagement and open

discussion between clients and care


Training on equality and

diversity, including LGB&T

issues is now part of the

mandatory training

undertaken by care providers. Action complete.

That work be undertaken by officers in

Commissioning and Procurement to

ensure that contracted providers have

policies in place to support the

anticipated increase of openly LGB&T

residents in the future.

The requirements for care

homes to have equality and

diversity policies in place

that reflect the needs of

LGB&T residents have

been reviewed and are

monitored though the

normal contract monitoring

processes. Action Complete.

That an online LGB&T awareness raising module be introduced and

implemented for all Elected Members

and Council employees, which could

also potentially be part of the induction

process. The Panel would also

encourage staff to undertake additional

offline training, where possible.

Corporate Induction has

been reviewed since the

scrutiny report to include

updated content on equality

and diversity issues,

including LGB&T and an

online equality and diversity

training module has been

created for all staff; this is

accessible to all Elected

Members. Action complete.

That consideration be given to the use

of the LGB&T acronym across the


The Council’s Equality and

Inclusion Working Group gave consideration to the use of LGB&T as an acronym and is content to use this. Action complete.

That engagement work be undertaken

with all communities to raise awareness

and understanding of LGB&T issues,

which would promote community

cohesion and group interaction whilst

challenging negative behaviours. This

would also assist the relatives and

friends of LGB&T individuals who are

receiving care support.

Meeting undertaken, May

19, with Director of Culture,

Communities and Communication and agreement reached that

C,C&C would develop

engagement programme

aimed at addressing community cohesion issues focussed on LGB&T issues.


Action complete, however this will be readdressed.

That an awareness-raising

briefing/training session, or series of

sessions, in collaboration with LGB&T

support organisations, be scheduled for

all Elected Members in respect of the

issues surrounding LGB&T and wider Equality and Diversity areas, and how to

engage with ‘hard to reach’ groups

around LGB&T matters.

Action remains outstanding.

Planning will be undertaken to deliver during Q1 2021.

That the Local Authority works in

partnership with other organisations to

further develop LGB&T support

provision in Middlesbrough; each

service directorate to consider how

support can be provided to the LGB&T


The Local Authority continues to work closely with a range of partner organisations around

LGB&T support. The issued

was briefed through WLMT for consideration by Directorates. Action Complete.

That a wider related project be undertaken by the Health Scrutiny Panel to look at the support being

offered to LGB&T individuals within

health services, particularly in terms of accessing health facilities and the

processing of referrals.

The Health Scrutiny Panel

has agreed for this project

to be added to its 2020/21

work programme. Action in



The Panel welcomed the update on the recommendations, however mindful people are still disadvantaged and discriminated for who they are.


AGREED- That the recommendations be noted.


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