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Strategic Plan 2020-23 - Progress at Quarter Three 2020-21


The Head of Strategy, Information and Governance provided an update to the Board, which included the following points:


  • This Q3 update was in respect of the previous Strategic Plan, which covered the period October-December 2020, and which was presented to Executive on 16 February 2021;
  • A new Strategic Plan was approved by Council on 24 February 2021 – the process to begin monitoring and reporting on this plan would begin in the next quarterly report;
  • The delivery of the Strategic Plan, which was developed prior to the pandemic, had been impacted by COVID-19;
  • In Q3, additional restrictions were seen in response to rising transmission that impacted on individual communities and economies across the country including Middlesbrough; the Executive would receive a report in respect of revised recovery arrangements in due course;
  • Achievements made during Q3 were outlined, which referred to improvements in crime and ASB interventions; action to support children with remote learning; progress made in respect of Children’s Services and the improvement journey; Future High Streets Fund; completion of the first phase of the town pot hole purge; and submission of new plans for the Boho X development; and
  • Strategic risks – reference was made to the risk faced in relation to business continuity from the UK’s exit from the EU at the end of the transition period in December, which was stood down due to the approval of the trade and security agreement with the EU at the end of December 2020.  Risks and longer-term impacts and opportunities, such as the free port, were outlined to the Board, which would be monitored and reported on in future reports.


Following the update, Members were afforded the opportunity to ask questions.


A Member referred to paragraph 17 and the current position in respect of the new commissioning model.  In response, it was indicated that an update would be sought from the Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration and details provided in due course. 


In response to a query regarding paragraph 36 and the transformation of the town centre, it was agreed that the Director of Regeneration would be invited to the next Board meeting to brief Members.  The Chief Executive indicated that there was a full list of projects that formed the basis for the Future High Streets Fund and the Towns Fund, which would be considered by the Executive in the near future.


A Member referred to paragraph 28 and the increase in the rate of children subject to CPOs.  In response to a query regarding management of complex needs, particularly during lockdown, the Director of Children’s Services explained that work had been undertaken in this regard; two managed teams had been introduced to the assessments service and assisting with reducing the backlog of work.  A decrease had been seen in the number of children subject to child protection plans in very recent weeks; the number of children looked after had also decreased.  These decreases had provided resource to help improve practice.  It was acknowledged that this was a steady work in progress; the service was on a three-year improvement journey.


A Member referred to paragraph 45 and the number of new jobs attributable to the Investment Prospectus; details were sought in respect of the target figure, together with the locations and status of the jobs.  In response, the Head of Strategy, Information and Governance indicated that this information would be sourced from the Investment Prospects Tracker and forwarded accordingly.


A Member made reference to paragraph 15 and queried whether the figures stated in respect of Anti-Social Behaviour represented incidents or reportings, and whether (for example) the 46% increase in Hemlington was relative to that area or Middlesbrough as an entirety.  In response, the Board was advised that figures related to reported incidents and were relative to the previous quarter, but further information in terms of the absolute numbers would be obtained and circulated.


The Chair thanked the Head of Strategy, Information and Governance for his attendance and contribution to the meeting.


AGREED that the information provided be noted, and the agreed action be undertaken.


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