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Strategic Plan 2020-23 - Progress at Year-End 2020/21


The Mayor and Lead Member for Children’s Safeguarding, Adult Social Care and Public Protection and the Chief Executive submitted a report for the Executive’s consideration. The purpose of the report was to advise the Executive of progress against the 2020-23 Strategic Plan and COVID-19 Recovery Plan, and outline strategic risks at Year-End 2020/21.


The Council had refreshed its Strategic Plan during Quarter Four for the 2021-24 period to ensure that it remained current and reflective of major developments in the past year, in particular COVID-19 and the ongoing impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union.


The submitted report was therefore the last progress update on the 2020-23 plan, with future quarterly reports updating on progress against the new plan for 2021-24.


A COVID-19 Recovery Plan update was included in the submitted report at paragraphs 7 to 12. A summary of proposed changes and amendments to Recovery Action Plans was contained at Appendix 1 of the report.


Paragraphs 14 to 68 of the submitted report set out in brief the key headlines at year-end relating to the Council’s 2020-23 strategic priorities including, where available, current estimates of the impact of COVID-19 and future plans. The report covered the following areas:


·         People - tackling crime and anti-social behaviour head on (Mayoral priority); ensuring Middlesbrough had the very best schools (Mayoral priority); ensuring our town was an absolute leader on environmental issues (Mayoral priority); promoting the welfare of and protecting our children, young people and vulnerable adults / transforming Children’s Services; working with communities to improve local health and wellbeing / joining up health and social care and working with local communities to redevelop Middlesbrough’s disadvantaged estates (see paragraphs 14 to 40).

·         Place - Transforming our town centre (Mayoral priority); building more town centre homes - and protecting our green spaces (Mayoral priority); making Middlesbrough look and feel amazing (Mayoral priority); implementing our cultural strategy; improving Middlesbrough’s rail connectivity and developing Middlehaven as a residential, leisure and commercial centre (see paragraphs 41 to 49).

·         Business - Winning investment and creating jobs (Mayoral priority); introducing a new era of transparency and openness (Mayoral priority); creating positive perceptions of our town on a national basis (Mayoral priority); developing and delivering balanced budgets every year; making sure our management practices compare with those of the best and becoming recognised as a good employer (see paragraphs 50 to 68).




1.     That the progress in implementing the Council’s Strategic Plan 2020-23 at Year-End 2020/21, and the ongoing impact of COVID-19, be noted.

2.     That the proposed changes and amendments to COVID-19 Recovery Action Plans following Lockdown 3 (Appendix 1) be approved.

3.     That in light of the position outlined in the report, the Council’s updated Strategic Risk Register at Appendix 2 be noted.

4.     That it be noted that future quarterly updates would report progress on the revised Strategic Plan for 2021-24, approved by Council in February 2021, and that COVID-19 Recovery activity would be subsumed with the workplan underpinning the revised Strategic Plan, approved by the Executive on 27 May 2021.




To enable the effective management of performance and risk in line with the Council’s Local Code of Corporate Governance.

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