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Corporate Performance Update: Quarter Three 2021/22


The Mayor and the Chief Executive submitted a report for the Executive’s consideration. The purpose of the report was to provide information on corporate performance at the end of Quarter Three 2021/22 and where appropriate, seek approval of any changes.


The Council’s performance overall at the end of Quarter Three saw a drop in performance from the Quarter Two reported position, with progress towards expected performance standards as set out in the Council’s risk appetite projected to be achieved in three out of seven areas. Work was planned in the final quarter of the year, as set out within the report, to get performance back to target wherever possible.


In terms of progress in delivering Executive actions, at Quarter Three, 56 of 78 live actions (72%) were reported as on target to be delivered by the agreed timescales, down from the 89% reported at Quarter Two and below the 90% standard of achievement of actions, with five proposed amendments for Executive approval set out at Appendix 1. All remaining Executive actions were expected to be achieved within their approved timescales.


The Strategic Plan for 2021-24, set out nine strategic priorities for the period which were supported by an associated set of outcome measures and a workplan, which would see delivery of sustained improvement, up to and beyond 2024.


At the end of Quarter Three, 11 of 24 (45.8%) Strategic Plan outcomes were either improving or static against the Quarter Two position, with 3 (12.5%) worsening. As many measures were updated annually, there was no trend information available for 10 (41.7%) outcome measures at the present time. Further information on outcomes was contained at paragraphs 12 to 16 of the submitted report.


Current workplan activity in respect of Strategic Plan outcomes had been reviewed and assessed to ensure it was sufficient to recover performance to agreed target. Where required, any additional activities required would be brought forward for approval within future quarterly updates to the Executive.


At the end of Quarter Three, performance against Strategic Plan workplan was exceeding the corporate target of 90%. Further information on the workplan was contained at paragraphs 18 to 20 of the submitted report.


Issues raised within the submitted report which impact on the risk profile of the Council were reflected within the Council’s Strategic Risk Register (SRR), which was reviewed in the quarter in line with the Council’s policy - as set out at Appendix 3. The total number of risks on the SRR reduced to 28 from 30 at Quarter Three, comprising 18 high and 10 medium risks. Further information on the Strategic Risk Register was contained at paragraphs 23 to 25 of the submitted report.


Directorates were accountable for a number of directorate-specific actions each year to ensure ongoing compliance with legal duties and best practice and that business change was well managed. Directorate Priorities for 2021/22 were set out at Appendix 4.


At the end of Quarter Three, 96% of Directorate Priorities were rated either Green or Amber (i.e. some milestone slippage but still expected to be delivered in-year), above the expected standard of 90%. Performance in delivering mitigating actions associated with high or medium risks on Directorate Risk Registers was 86% and 71% respectively, below the performance standard of 90%. Further information on Directorate Priorities was included at paragraph 28 of the submitted report.


In terms of the progress made with delivering programmes and projects and other corporate performance matters, further information was contained at paragraphs 29 to 31 of the submitted report.


Reference was made to paragraph 14 of the submitted report, which provided data on street warden activity. It was highlighted that the data had been collected/recorded in 2020/21 and not in 2021/22 as the report stipulated.




1.      That the proposed amendment to Executive actions, outlined at Appendix 1, be approved.

2.      That the progress in implementing the Strategic Plan 2021-24 at Quarter Three 2021/22 (Appendix 2) be noted and the revised deadline for the action at paragraph 20 be approved.

3.      That in light of the position outlined in the report, the Council’s updated Strategic Risk Register (Appendix 3) be noted.

4.      That the progress in implementing 2021/22 Directorate priorities, set out at Appendix 4 be noted.




To enable the effective management of performance and risk in line with the Council’s Local Code of Corporate Governance.

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