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Corporate Parenting Board Strategy Action Plan- Review of the Sufficiency action plan

The Specialist Commissioning Manager will present the Sufficiency action plan to the Board.


The Chair welcomed the Specialist Commissioning & Procurement Senior Manager to the meeting to provide an overview of the highlight report of the Sufficiency action plan were was devised out the corporate Parenting Board Strategy.

The Sufficiency Action Plan will be reviewed and updated as actions are completed or as new work is identified in the event of any changes to our sufficiency needs over the 3-year cycle of our plan.

The Sufficiency action plan was broken up into 6 themed areas, with a key accountable officer who works closely with the Manager.

The Manager provided an overview of the key progress to date against each them and these are bulleted below:

Theme 1 - Strengthening Commissioning for Children and Young People

  • Work has commenced on the introduction of Controcc in to Children’s in order to bring efficiencies in payment processes and strengthen our demand modelling already achieved in Adults.
  • Middlesbrough Council held an Independent Fostering Agency Provider Event in June 2021 which was very well attended.

Theme 2 – Increasing Placements Close to where Children and Young People live and learn

  • Partner in Practice work was undertaken with in-house fostering and has been put on hold as a business case for internal change has been submitted for approval.
  • Regional work on future procurement of a regional framework continues and the commissioning model has been received and circulated internally for review.
  • Internal unregulated provision opened and is actively being used with 7 young people currently being supported.
  • Rosecroft Children’s Home has re-opened with an increase in beds to 5 and now specifically offering support to young people aged 16+ in order to support move on to independence.
  • Continue to work with the region in order to identify any opportunities for collaboration.  Currently awaiting set up of a regional commissioning hub.


Theme 3 – Growing Early Intervention & Prevention

  • PAUSE continues to provide monitoring information on the women engaged and the positive outcomes they are achieving, this has resulted in an extension to the current contract.
  • Pilot Early Intervention and Prevention service has commenced and is being closely monitored.  A formal review will be undertaken in order to ensure proof of concept and confirm future commissioning intentions.


Theme 4 – Improving Placements & Support for Care Leavers

  • Business case has been submitted in relation to increasing supported lodging providers internally and is awaiting sign off.

Theme 5 – Enhancing Learning Outcomes for Children & Young  People

  • Work currently being undertaken with the Head of Virtual schools. Discussions have commenced with the Boarding School providers in order to expand the opportunities for our children and young people and increase placement choice.


Theme 6 – Building Our Fostering Capacity and Adoption Outcomes

  • Business case for internal change has been submitted for approval.


In terms of impact and performance, the Manager outlined that there had been opened engagement with the Independent Fostering market which was really positive and gave an opportunity to feedback and update them on our improvement journey and aspirations for the future. She also advised that external placement numbers have decreased and plat toed and the Council are now monitoring these weekly focusing on both internal and external placement changes.

In terms of next steps, the Manager advised that the following would be undertaken:

  • Review and update the Sufficiency Action Plan to make sure its fit for purpose
  • Unregulated provision changes needs to be added to plan
  • A schedule for provider engagement to be developed to ensure networking with the market continues to develop
  • Ensure the regional work meets the needs of Middlesbrough and where not continue to work independently
  • Work with in-house fostering to understand the business plan for the future  which in turn can identify our commissioning intentions moving forward

Following the presentation, one of the care leavers in attendance advised that she was part of the foster carers’ panel and they were currently doing some marketing to get more foster carers, and the Manager advised a meeting would be scheduled to pursue this further.

AGREED- That the action plan be noted.



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