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External Managers' Reports


A report of the Director of Finance was presented to provide Members with quarterly investment reports in respect of funds invested externally with Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Limited (Border to Coast) and with State Street Global Advisers (State Street).


As at 31 March 2022 the Fund had investments in the Border to Coast UK Listed Equity Fund and the Border to Coast Overseas Developed Markets Equity Fund. For both sub funds the return target was an annual amount, expected to be delivered over rolling three year periods, before calculation of the management fee.


The Fund also had investments in the Border to Coast Private Equity sub-fund and the Border to Coast Infrastructure sub-fund. As at 31 May 2022 total commitments of £750 million had been made to these sub-funds (£350m to infrastructure and £300m to private equity) with around 20% of this commitment invested so far.  These investments were not reflected within the Border to Coast report attached at Appendix A to the submitted report.


The Border to Coast report showed the market value of the portfolio as at 31 March 2022 and the investment performance over the preceding quarter, year, and since the Fund’s investments began.   Border to Coast had also provided additional information within an appendix to that report in relation to the Overseas Developed Markets Equity Fund, giving a breakdown of key drivers of and detractors from performance in relation to each of its four regional elements. Market background information and an update of some news items related to Border to Coast were also included.   Border to Coast’s UK Listed Equity Fund had underperformed over the last year, whereas the Overseas Developed Markets Equity Fund had over performed.   Since inception, both Funds had delivered performance roughly in line with their targets. The performance of the Emerging Markets Equity Fund had been below benchmark throughout most of the period of the Fund’s investment – recent performance had been adversely affected by an overweight position in Russia prior to the invasion of Ukraine.  It was confirmed that the Fund had approximately £5 million in Russian investments through Border to Coast which equated to about 0.1% of the Fund’s assets.


State Street had a passive global equity portfolio invested across four different region tracking indices appropriate to each region. The State Street report (attached at Appendix B to the submitted report) showed the market value of the State Street passive equity portfolio and the proportions invested in each region as at 31 March 2022.


State Street continued to include additional information with their report this quarter, giving details of how the portfolio compared to the benchmark in terms of environmental, social and governance factors including separate sections on climate and stewardship issues. As the State Street investments were passive and closely tracked the appropriate regional equity indices, the portfolio’s rating in these terms closely matched the benchmark indices ratings.


The latest report showed the performance of the State Street funds against revised indices – excluding controversies (UN Global Compact violators) and excluding companies that manufactured controversial weapons. As expected for a passive fund, performance closely matched the performance of the respective indices.


ORDERED that the report was received and noted.



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