Agenda item

Integration of Health and Social Care - Verbal Update

The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration will provide the panel with a verbal update regarding the integration of health and social care.


The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration provided Members with an update regarding the integration of Health and Social Care; the following points were made:


  • The transition to the new Integrated Care System (ICS) had progressed significantly.
  • The Integrated Care Board (ICB) had been established and held its first meeting (the Board was responsible for the allocation of funding across the large geographical area that the North East and Cumbria ICS covered).
  • Membership of the ICB was outlined to the panel and it was explained that this was driven by statute.  The role of the Local Authority representatives to offer perspective and contribute to the reflection of the area’s overall demographic was noted.
  • The Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), which was the tier below the ICB, was responsible for health and wellbeing within the area.  This provided opportunity for statutory and non-statutory organisations to come together and convey their views for their respective areas.  The ICP had held its first meeting, although the finalised chairmanship arrangements were still to be determined.
  • Below the ICP tier and unique to the North East and Cumbria ICS were four integrated sub-partnership boards, which reflected the complexity of the geography.  The structure of these was currently being determined, i.e. whether or not a formal Committee structure would be most appropriate, but work was currently ongoing.
  • The Director outlined his position/involvement in each of the tiers.
  • An initial objective was to have a health and wellbeing strategy for each area set in place, by the end of the current financial year.  At present, this was in a draft state, but issues relating to the size of the geographical area had been raised.


During the discussion that followed, Members queried several points with the Director – the following information was provided in response:


  • There was a great deal of work required for the Director in terms of being involved with all three tiers, but he felt this was both manageable and beneficial for consistency; there was no conflict between the various levels of the ICS.  A flow chart of the ICS would be provided to Members when available.  Publication/availability of minutes of meetings would be determined (the panel noted that the ICB was a Committee of the NHS).  Owing to the size of the ICS’s geography, Members recognised the diverse needs of people from Cumbria to Northumberland, and the importance of conveying the five Tees Local Authorities’ needs to the ICB.
  • As work progressed, matters would be reported to the Health Scrutiny Panel in conjunction with this panel; the relevant Democratic Services Officers would circulate information as required.
  • Regarding Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs), these were currently being reviewed (Adults JSNA was to be reviewed by December 2022).  The ICB required that a shape/strategy be devised.  Reference was made to a presentation delivered by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) at the first ICP meeting in relation to current work and strategy development, which would be considered by all partners in line with national timelines.
  • Members commented on the significant size of the area that the North East and Cumbria ICS covered, and highlighted the importance of ensuring that the needs of the local area were met.
  • The Director reiterated the work that had taken place to date, whilst also referring to legislative drivers, local agreements and finalised infrastructure.


The Chair thanked the Director for the information presented.