Committee details

Overview and Scrutiny Board

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference:


1. The Overview and Scrutiny Board will have delegated power to appoint and disband such scrutiny panels as it thinks fit, and if appropriate after receiving a report from a scrutiny panel, will exercise the following functions of the Council:-


(a) On behalf of the Council to scrutinise executive decisions.


(b) On behalf of the Council to scrutinise recommendations by the Executive to

the Council.


(c) Following use of the Council’s Call-in procedure to refer back executive decisions once only, PROVIDED that the decision in question shall not already have been actioned. References back must contain details of the Board’s concerns together with any revisions proposed.


(d) To scrutinise the performance of Council services.


(e) To scrutinise statutory plans of the Council.


(f) To invite attendance by appropriate individuals to advise (as an ‘expert witness’) the Board in exercising its role. Such individuals will have expertise in the area subject to scrutiny; eg they may be a service user or a professional in the relevant discipline.


(g) To question members of the executive relating to the scrutiny of executive decisions and recommendations and the performance of Council services.


(h) To question chief officers, or any other officer after consultation with the chief officer, relating to the scrutiny of service performance and reports on which executive decisions are based.


(i) To make recommendations to the Council on issues arising from scrutiny of executive decisions, recommendations and performance including for example recommendations that an area of Council policy should be reviewed. Such recommendations must be contained in a report which the executive will see, and have the opportunity to comment on, in draft form before it is finalised and submitted to Council.


(j) To monitor compliance with audit, external inspectorate reports following their consideration and adoption by the Executive and Council.


(k) To scrutinise and monitor matters relating to Council budgets, audit and resources issues.


(l) To refer any significant internal control issues to the Audit Committee.


(m) To review or scrutinise the decisions made, or other action taken, in connection with the discharge by the responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions, and


(n) To make reports or recommendations to the local authority with respect to the discharge of those functions.


(o) To consider Councillor Calls for Action.


* NB Church and Parent Governor Co-opted Members will exercise their vote only

when the Board considers any education-related matters.


Quorum: 4



Contact information

Support officer: Scott Bonner/ Joanne Dixon.

Phone: 01642 729708/ 01642 729713