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Decisions published

16/11/2022 - Council Tax Energy Rebate Discretionary Fund Modifications are approved to insert a threshold value of £20.00 for awards under qualifying criteria 2 under Phase 1 and an additional Phase 2 criteria for new build dwellings not awaiting listing by ref: 202    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Director of Finance

Decision published: 24/11/2022

Effective from: 16/11/2022


The report at the Individual Executive Meeting confirmed that the award was intended to cover the full loss, although this would be capped at £150.00 Payment will be direct to the household subject to application or automatically allocated to the council tax account if no application is made.

As the council tax reduction scheme anticipated a loss to some households, a de-minimis amount has been added to the scheme. A minimum award value of £20.00 (minimum loss of £20.00 as a result of the changes to the CTR scheme) will be required to trigger eligibility for households impacted by the changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme from 1 April 2022 (criteria 1 under Phase 2).

Eligibility will also be extended under Phase 2 to council tax payers otherwise eligible to the Council Tax Energy Bills Rebate, but for the fact that their new build property was not awaiting an official banding from the VOA on 1 April 2022. An award of £150 will instead be made under the Discretionary Scheme.

Lead officer: Janette Savage

15/11/2022 - The decision is to provide sponsors with a top up payment to support their guest/s to remain in their property beyond the 6-month period. ref: 200    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Director of Environment and Community Services

Decision published: 16/11/2022

Effective from: 15/11/2022


The report approved a funding package consisting of grant funding to sponsors (people offering a home to people fleeing Ukraine) and grant funding to guests (people fleeing Ukraine) living in Middlesbrough.

After the report, we are now nearing the end of the initial 6-month period and some hosts are struggling to maintain their guests during the current challenging financial environment. This top up payment is fully funded via the Homes for Ukraine grant, and it is being implemented in other areas of the country to support sponsors and ensure guests remain with their hosts.

To support sponsors with the current cost of living crisis we will provide an optional top-up payment depending on the size of the household.

The Top Up payment scheme is designed to encourage hosts to continue sponsorship of their guests beyond the initial 6-month period and help the guests transition into independent accommodation.

Once sponsors have been hosting (a) guest(s) for 6 consecutive months then they become eligible to apply for a top-up payment that will remain available until the end of March 2023.

The top-up payment will be proportional to the size of the Ukrainian group that is staying with the Sponsor.

• Ukrainian guest group – 1 person £150/month from Month 7 top-up payment to Month 12

• Ukrainian guest group - 2 people £250/month from Month 7 top-up payment to Month 12

• Ukrainian guest group – 3+ people £350/month from Month 7 top-up payment to Month 12

This will be a separate payment once a month in addition to the £350 monthly thank-you payment. It will be two separate payments. It is a host’s responsibility, prior to accepting the optional top-up payment, to ensure there is no impact on any benefit entitlements or tax affairs.
If the guest group were in multiple sponsorship households, then only one bonus payment of £500 would be payable. I.e., A Family that is currently split between multiple sponsorship households. Similarly, if the group consists of multiple people (I.e., Two friends or a mother and child), only one bonus payment of £500 would be payable

Lead officer: Geoff Field