Executive post

Executive Member for Regeneration


Executive Portfolio:

Executive Member for Regeneration

Portfolio Holder:

Councillor Polano

Lead Officer:

Director of Regeneration and Culture


The Executive Member for Regeneration will have responsibility for delivering the Mayor’s Priorities with regard to ensuring a fair access to high-quality homes, fair access to secure, well-paid jobs and meaningful training, strengthening and diversifying our local economy, and strengthening our transport links.

The Executive Member for Regeneration will be responsible for Council policy on:

·        Transportation

·        Inward investment

·        Economic development

·        Housing development

·        Planning and Building Control


Policy Framework

·        The Local Plan

·        Local Transport Plan


Other Plans and Strategies

·        Investment Prospectus

·        Regeneration service plan

·        Polices and strategies for housing activity

·        Development briefs and master plans

·        Public rights of way

·        Surface water management

·        Selective Landlord Licensing


Service Functions

·        Economic Growth

·        Capital Projects

·        Housing Growth

·        Development Control

·        Planning Policy

·        Building Control

·        Transport

·        Infrastructure


In circumstances where it is considered that an Executive Member would have a prejudicial interest the matter will be referred to the Deputy Mayor.