Executive post

Executive Member for Culture and Communities


Executive Portfolio:

Executive Member for Culture and Communities

Portfolio Holder:

Councillor Stephen Hill

Lead Officer:

Director of Regeneration and Culture/Director of Environment and Community Services



The Executive Member for Communities, has responsibility for strengthening the town’s cultural sector and creating safer communities, in accordance with the Mayor’s Priorities. The Executive Member for Communities will also have responsibility for:


·               Services to support vulnerable people

·               Community Safety and Community Development

·               Empowering communities and individuals to access opportunities

·               Supporting people into employment

·               Cultural Strategy

·               Migration and Asylum Seekers

·               Welfare Rights

·               Corporate Equality and Diversity Policy

Policy Framework – Communities


·               Voluntary Sector

·               Strategic Approach to Addressing Poverty

·               Community Safety including Law and Order Issues

·               Community Development

·               Community Hub Development

·               Civil Contingencies Act 2004

·               Crime and Policing Act 2014

·               Human Rights Act

·               Cultural Strategy

Service Functions – Communities


·               Myplace

·               Community Hubs

·               Libraries and Archives

·               Community Safety

·               Street Wardens

·               Neighbourhood Safety

·               Migration and Asylum Seekers

·               Volunteering

·               Welfare Reform

·               Diversity (including Asylum Seekers / Refugees and Community Cohesion)

·               Neighbourhood Working

·               Events Management

·               Town Hall and Theatre

·               Museums

In circumstances where it is considered that an Executive Member would have a prejudicial interest the matter will be referred to the Deputy Mayor.



Post is held by