Executive post

Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Education and Culture


The Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Education and Culture will Chair meetings of the Executive and act in place of the Mayor, if for some reason the Mayor is unable to act.


As part of the Education element of their portfolio the Executive Member for Education and Culture has responsibility to ensure that all children are provided with the opportunity to realise their educational attainment potential.


The Executive Member will also oversee the provision of educational statutory services to address the needs of all children and young people and adults who need services (including youth justice).


Policy Framework – Education


·        National Curriculum - 2013

·        Assessment & Accountability Framework 2020/21

·        Children & Families Act 2014 – SEND Reforms

·        Ofsted Education Inspection Framework September 2022

·        School Finance Regulations 2013

·        Education Act 2011

·        Academies Act 2010

·        Education and Skills Act 2008

·        Education and Inspection Act 2006

·        Children Act 2004(relevant to portfolio)

·        Education Act 2002

·        Crime and Disorder Act 1998

·        School Standards & Framework Act 1998 as amended

·        Education Act 1996 as amended

·        Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage

·        Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009

·        Early Years Foundation Statutory framework 2021

·        Crime and Disorder Act 1998

·        Academies Act 2010

·        Local Area SEND Inspection Framework Jan 2023


Other Plans and Strategies - Education


·        Children and Young People’s Plan

·        Education and Priorities Strategy

·        School Effectiveness Strategy

·        14-25 Strategy

·        Children’s Services Improvement Plan

·        Capital Strategy & Asset Management Plan (Schools)

·        Scheme for Financing Schools

·        Youth Employment Strategy

·        School Improvement Strategy

·        Healthy Child Programme (5 – 19) (including School Nursing service)

·        School Improvement Strategy

·        Youth Justice Plan

·        SEND Strategy

·        Inclusion Strategy

·        National Standards for Youth Justice

·        SEND Code of practice

·        SEND Sufficiency Strategy


As part of the Culture element of their portfolio, the Executive Member for Education

and Culture also has responsibility for strengthening the town’s cultural sector.


Policy Framework – Culture


·        Cultural Strategy

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