Draft minutes

Chief Officer Appointments Committee - Thursday 27th February, 2020 10.00 am

Proposed venue: Oberhausen Room

Contact: Nicola Finnegan 

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Declarations of Interest


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Exclusion of Press and Public


ORDERED that the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following items on the grounds that, if present, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information as defined in Paragraphs 1 or 2 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 and that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighed the public interest in disclosing the information.


To consider the applications for the post of Joint Director of Public Health


The Panel met to consider shortlisting applicants for the post of Joint Director of Public Health and the process for the appointment to the post.

The Head of Human Resources set out process to be followed for this joint appointment and advised that nationally there was a recommended process that the Council should follow

It was proposed that each of the partners would carry out their own shortlisting and the outcome of the shortlisting would be fed in centrally.

Middlesbrough Council was the lead authority and the post would be employed by Middlesbrough although it was a joint post with Redcar and Cleveland Council.

The Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration would be the line manager for this post, however the role would also have some direct reporting to Public Health England

There were 3 applicants for the post. Members were advised of a national shortage of people with the expertise in this area

The Head of Human Resources outlined the interview panel membership. The interview panel would consist of 4 members from Middlesbrough Council; 4 members from Redcar & Cleveland Council in addition to Peter Kelly, from Public Health England, Andrew Ferber from the Faculty of Public Health and Erik Scollay - Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration.

It was suggested that members should have strong regard in respect of the expert advice provided from the non- councillor members of the Panel.

Members considered the applications and determined that of the three applicants, one candidate was not qualified for the post. It was agreed that the other two applicants should be interviewed

The Chair queried whether there were any comments from Erik Scollay, Director of Adult Social Care and Health Integration.

It was highlighted that the successful candidate would be required to operate at the highest level and be able to build strong relationships and experience would be key.


Suggested Interview process for Joint Director of Public Health


It was agreed that the candidates would meet with a Stakeholder Panel consisting of the following:-

Rob Brown - Director of Education, Prevention and Partnerships - Middlesbrough Council
Catherine Bolton - Redcar
Representative of the NHS
Representative of MVDA

The Stakeholder panel would ask the candidates three questions. Members were asked if they had any comments in relation to the proposed questions and whether they felt that the questions would enable them to obtain the required information that they required to assist in making a decision on the appointment. The outcome of the Stakeholder Panel meeting would be fed back to the interview panel.

The process for the interview was outlined and members were advised that candidates would be required to prepare a ten minute presentation. The Interviews would take place in Jury's Inn.  

Members were advised that time had been allocated to allow for a meet and greet session for the joint interview panel to meet each other prior to the interviews taking place and to refresh the process.


Suggestions for questions and presentation topic Joint Director of Public Health


Members were advised that it was proposed to ask the candidates nine questions consisting of one for each of the members of the committee to pose and one for Peter Kelly. Carole Wood Interim Director of Public Health had provided some model answers to assist members in their deliberations.

Members agreed the format of the questions and presentation topic.

Councillor Storey queried with regard to the voting procedures. Members were advised that if the Committee vote was tied at 4-4 they should be guided by the experts in the room. This would need to be discussed at the beginning of the meeting, but members should pay heed to Peter Kelly and the other professionals on the committee.

The panel were advised that the Chair of the committee in this situation would normally appointed at the meeting and the Chair would have a casting vote, which would overcome the situation if a vote was tied.

It was agreed that the above would be discussed at the interview meet and greet session.


Any other urgent items which in the opinion of the Chair, may be considered.


There were no urgent items submitted for this meeting.