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Local Plan Working Group - Tuesday 22nd December, 2020 9.30 am

Venue: Virtual

Contact: Susie Blood  01642 729645

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Minutes- Local Plan Working Group- 4 March 2020 pdf icon PDF 123 KB


The minutes of the Local Plan working group meeting held on 4 March 2020 were submitted and approved as a correct record.



Local Housing Needs Assessment/Local Plan housing requirement pdf icon PDF 3 MB


The Strategic Policy Manager providing a presentation to the working group on the local housing needs assessment and Local Plan housing requirement.


The presentation covered three aspects:


       Local Housing Needs Assessment (LHNA) 2020

       Housing Requirement

       Potential Housing Allocations/Sites for Consideration


Local Housing Needs Assessment (LHNA) 2020 and housing requirement


The working group were advised that National Planning Policy required that Local Plans determine the level of housing required through a Local Housing Needs Assessment. The starting point for this in the household growth projections, based on population projections (ONS).


Adjustments are made to take account of economic growth ambitions and affordability and outputs include; housing requirement, affordable housing needs and needs of other specific groups e.g. older people.


The Manager outlined that in terms of housing requirement, for the Period 2019 – 2037:


       400 dwellings per annum (7,200 total) – minimum, which includes economic growth ambition of +500 jobs per annum

       Current Local Plan – 425 dwellings per annum

       Proposed new methodology (consultation) – higher of demographic projections or

       +0.5% of existing housing stock

       Indication this would be 354 dwellings per annum


In terms of delivering the Housing plan- the Plan Period 2019 – 2037 was as follows:


       Delivery so far (since 2019, to April 2020) -655

       Existing Sites with Planning Permission 3,-606

       Existing Local Plan Site without Planning Permission- 3,275 (+860 after 2037)

       Unidentified Small Windfall Sites- 410

       Potential from housing allocations under consideration 1,540 (+20 after 2037)

o   Total 9,486


In terms of the potential housing allocations; the Manager outlined that these were based on the following:


       Sites in existing adopted Housing Local Plan (2014)

       Sites identified in the previous ‘Publication’ Local Plan (2018)

       New sites under consideration


Agreed- That the item be noted.



Potential Local Plan housing allocations


Potential Local Plan housing allocations


The Strategic Policy Manager provided the Working group with the proposed sites. These covered:


·         Sites in existing adopted Housing Local Plan (2014)

·         Sites identified in the previous ‘Publication’ Local Plan (2018)

·         New sites under consideration


The Strategic Policy Manager discussed each site in turn and where specific issues/ questions were raised, these are outlined again the site:


Sites in existing adopted Housing Local Plan (2014)


Sites include:


·         Beechwood

·         Gresham

·         Grove Hill

·         Marton Avenue- application for planning submitted after agenda papers for Local Plan working group issued.

·         Former St David’s School

·         Stainsby- masterplan was currently being prepared and was out for public consultation. This would be discussed fully at Executive on 22 December 2020.

·         Ford Close (Riding School)

·         Newham Hall Farm

·         Nunthorpe Grange- planning application for this site has been refused and developers are currently working on the planning application.

·         Hemlington Grange- discussions taking place with regard to the number of dwellings



Sites identified in the previous ‘Publication’ Local Plan


·         Vancouver House

·         Northern School for Art – Green Lane Campus

·         Stainton Vale Farm

·         De Brus Park- no longer taking place

·         West of Acklam Gardens

·         Jupiter Court, Milford House, Portland House and land south of Longlands Road- application now been received and will be considered at Planning Committee in the New Year.



New sites under consideration


·         MiddlehavenBoHo Towers

·         Middlehaven – Shepherdson Way

·         Former Cleveland Scientific Institute site

·         Gurney Street

·         Wood street some Members expressed concern about the loss of car parking in the town centre

·         Buxton Street

·         Tollesby Shops


Agreed: That with the exception of land at De Brus Park, that the sites listed be included within the Local Plan






Update on Local Plan progress - verbal update



The Head of Planning advised although the working group had not met recently good progress had been made on preparing the Local Plan policies and chapter. Progress on preparing the evidence base to support the Local Plan has been difficult due to the impact of Covid -19. The Retail study has been completed. Key pieces of evidence are still under preparation including an employment land review and the green/blue infrastructure and transport study which are key documents in the Local Plan.


The Head of Planning outlined that he hopes to formally bring an update on the Local Plan to the working group in the New Year, however this is Covid dependent.


The Chair thanked officers for their hard work during this uncertain time.



Future work programme and date of next meeting


It was mentioned that the Stainsby Country Park and Masterplan was going to Executive later that day and if approved would be consulted on in the New Year. The Head of Planning outlined that he wanted to reflect the outcome of this consultation in the Local Plan therefore there will be a delay in the Local Plan going to Executive.


The Head of Planning did however advise that other chapters would be brought to the attention of the Working Group in the New Year for their approval. The Head of Planning explained he thought it be appropriate that the Local Plan is taken to Executive in Spring time. 




·         That it was appropriate to delay the Local Plan until the spring to take account of the consultation on the Stainsby Country Park and Masterplan.

·         That the information be noted.



Any other urgent items which in the opinion of the Chair, may be considered.

Any other urgent items which in the opinion of the Chair, may be considered.