Agenda item

Executive Member reports


The Chair invited Members to raise items for general discussion arising from the Information Booklet of Executive Member reports which detailed activities conducted within the respective Executive Member portfolios (Section 1), Executive decisions taken (Section 2) or to be taken where known, prior to and following the meeting (Sections 3 and 4).


Question in relation to the report of the Executive Member for Children’s Services


Councillor Hurst in relation to budget over-spends


The Executive Member stated the immediate priority was to reduce the projected overspend in Children’s Social Care. Several savings had been identified which would deliver several savings in the financial year 2024/2025. All budget initiatives were being considered but these needed to be what was best for young people. 


Questions in relation to the report of the Executive Member for Community Safety


Councillor M Storey in relation to Neighbourhood Partnerships


The Executive Member agreed that Neighbourhood Partnerships were beneficial as their intention was to share information and keep communities informed. There were Neighbourhood Partnerships in the North, South, East and West of the Town and all Councillors were encouraged to attend their respective Neighbourhood Partnership


Councillor Kabuye in relation to Teesside Park


The Executive Member confirmed that the leisure part of Teesside Park remained within Middlesbrough’s boundaries, and she had attended several meetings to discuss the Anti-Social Behaviour issues happening on Teesside Park.


Councillor McCabe in relation to Safter Streets


The Executive Member clarified that criteria for selecting wards was dependent on crime figures and criminal activity mapping. Funding for Safter Streets came from the Home Office via the Police and Crime Commissioner. It was confirmed Safer Streets was currently in place in Longlands and Beechwood.


Questions in relation to the report of the Executive Member for Environment


Councillor Livingstone in relation to Transport Planning


The Executive Member confirmed they would be happy to meet and discuss the parking issues around Green Lane. It was commented that Councillor Dean had undertaken significant amounts of work in relation to parking restrictions in this area.


Councillor Smiles in relation to the Transporter Bridge


The Executive Member confirmed that while the issue had been ongoing for some time, a structural assessment was continuing. Costings were expected in early 2024.


Questions in relation to the report of the Executive Member for Finance and Governance


Councillor Branson in relation to Budget over-spends


The Executive Member responded it was likely the Council would see a significant increase to social care budgets and while there had been lobbying for extra funding by the Local Government Association this had not been forthcoming. It was important that Middlesbrough avoided a Section 114 Notice and the Executive Member thanked all officers involved in this process.


Councillor Clynch in relation to Council reserves


The Executive Member stated the levels of reserves were identified as critically low in February 2023 which was likely a result of the reserves being used but not replenished. It was important the Council’s reserves were replenished as quickly as possible as they had been used to offset budget overspends.  


Councillor Morrish in relation to Budgetary Management and Control Measures


Question in relation to the report of the Executive Member for Regeneration


It was clarified there was not going to be a fire sale of assets. However, in the event a Section 114 Notice was issued it was likely this would happen. Budget matters would be monitored via several mechanisms that aimed to strengthen the budget monitoring process.




A Member proposed suspending Council procedure rules to ensure all questions for Executive Members could be asked.


ORDERED that time for the agenda item be extended.


Councillor McClintock in relation to Asset Disposal


The Executive Member responded that the Murrayfield site was not necessarily ear-marked for housing development. However, any intention to dispose of sites like this would result in consultation being carried out.


Councillor J Platt in relation to the Asset Review


The Executive Member responded that the asset review aimed to established if assets could be used differently as well as identifying assets for sale. Given its Financial position the Council was not in a position manage its assets in the same way.


Councillor Jackson in relation to the Asset Review


The Executive Member responded that some of the question did not relate to his report. However, any asset disposals raised capital receipts that would enable the Council to undertake transformation projects. 


Councillor Hubbard in relation to the Asset Review


The Executive Member was not able to answer the question as it was not clear what artwork the Council owned.


Councillor S Platt in relation to Commercial Property.


The Executive Member clarified that while covenants could be broken, any sale of the Golf Club would include conditions to ensure it continued as a gold club.


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