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You Matter to Us - Corporate Parenting Board

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference:


To be responsible for the Council’s role as a Corporate Parent to those children and young people who are looked after and accommodated by the local authority, that responsibility to also include:


·        ensuring that the education, health, and social needs of children Looked After by the Authority are met.


·        developing effective corporate responses to fulfil the Authority’s responsibilities as a corporate parent.


·        to implement changes to policy and practice, and inform service development in the context of corporate parenting.


·        the dissemination of information, concerned with its responsibilities associated with corporate parenting, to all elected Members and relevant staff; and


·        the implementation, maintenance, and review of the Council’s ‘Corporate Parenting and Strategy’ document.


Quorum: 3 Members



Contact information

Support officer: Joanne McNally.

Phone: 01642 728329